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Your business depends on your computer and you can't be bothered bringing it miles away for service.  SMCS' on-site service can keep it running at top speed.


While traditional telephone, cable and wireless carriers are stuck with the same old “dial tone” offering only, SMCS SIP phone gives you so much more and often at a considerable savings

Design and Hosting

SMCS has a customized content delivery network for websites built on Wordpress. With our Content Delivery Network, over 40 servers world-wide contain information about your website

Business Email

Email is the business owner’s communication tool and record of facts.  Supercharge your email with SMCS's hosted email platform

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I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

The Harris Agency, Nationwide Insurance’s PBX was beyond end-of-life.  Ten years ago the system cost them five thousand dollars used and had become unreliable and unstable.  Voice mails weren’t working, handsets were breaking and the system was essentially featureless.   Enter Southern Mane Computer Services and our hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system.  The… read more →

Save on Your Phone Bill…No Kidding

Save on Your Phone Bill…No Kidding

Although I am in technology I still have the same issues that every business faces.  One of them is, the question of “how to reduce costs without hurting service levels?” Without getting into a food fight over which cell phone service is better, let’s just agree that they all are pretty poor in their own… read more →

Speech Pathology Associates

Speech Pathology Associates

Mary Schiavoni, a licensed speech Language Pathologist, is the author of “The Jaw Rehabilitation Program”, a sequenced progression of treatment exercises to initiate and strengthen mandibular function needed for successful mastication skill. Her growing business includes the production of non-BPA products called “Chewy Tubes” and “Baby Q” which is distributed world-wide in 25 countries. When… read more →

Ner Beach Motel Wells, Maine

Ner Beach Motel Wells, Maine

Located on an acre of land and consisting of 40 units in multiple buildings and a central outdoor common area with a pool, the near beach was experiencing tremendous difficulty delivering a dependable connection to it’s guests. The SMCS solution put an end to guest complaints about dropped connectivity and slow internet speed read more →

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Contact Southern Maine Computer Services for your free VoIP assessment and learn how you can save upwards of 50% on your next phone bill.

We use SMCS for virtually everything computer oriented. If we have a question, or seek to employ technology to resolve a problem we don't hesitate to call SMCS

John Cushing Speech Pathology Associates

Located in Kennebunk Maine, Southern Maine Computer Services provides service to small and micro-sized businesses by puling together professionals from the various I.T. disciplines to create unique solutions that are typically reserved for large corporate entities with deep technology budgets, but at a fraction of the costs.

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