Email is the business owner’s communication tool and record of conversation.

As such it is critically important that it be dependable, robust and feature rich. SMCS email is full of handy features such as:

  • Giving you a single view for all your email across all your devices.
  • If you answer a message on your cell phone you will see a record of it in your sent items at your desktop computer!
  • Delete a message only once and see if you’ve read it when you switch from your tablet to your cellphone or desktop.
  • Make a calendar appointment on your tablet and see it across all your devices.
  • Share your calendar, contacts and files securely and easily with others
  • Chat privately with members of your network without the formality typically required of email messages.


In addition to being feature rich, SMCS email is robust as your data is duplicated in a redundant datacenter, minimizing downtime in cases of emergency and frequent snapshots back up your email in case of accidental deletion.

Exchange Large Data Sets Conveniently

With “Share” you can easily exchange those large files that won’t make it with traditional email. A generous 50mb limit will allow you share even the largest of photo’s, videos of presentations without leaving your email client.

Protection and Scanning

Email traffic is screened for malware, anti-virus and spoofing to protect you against malicious attempts at compromising your data or computer.

We believe your data is yours. As such we do not scan your email for any reason other than from viruses and malware.


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