Save on Your Phone Bill…No Kidding

Save on Your Phone Bill…No Kidding

Although I am in technology I still have the same issues that every business faces.  One of them is, the question of “how to reduce costs without hurting service levels?”

Without getting into a food fight over which cell phone service is better, let’s just agree that they all are pretty poor in their own way.  After all, how can you explain a marketing campaign based upon the “least number of dropped calls” That’s like saying “we don’t stink as much as the next, guy so buy our product”.

So I was very happy to find my newest partner Ting, which at first glance looked promising at cutting my cell phone costs by as much as 60%.  I was further delighted to discover I didn’t need to enter into a contract and I could walk my existing Sprint Cellular phone over to their service at no additional charge!

Here’s how they work.

Ting essentially resells cellular service from Sprint and T-Mobile, simple.  Yo may pay your bill to Ting but in actuality your using Sprint and T-Mobile services.  Tings mantra is simple, “pay only for what you use” and to accomplish this they have broken their services into three basis categories, Talk, Text and Data.  From there they have created 3 unique bands small, medium and large which you will fit depending upon your appetite for the services.

So what are the results?

Well I really can’t compare apples and apples because when I finally made the switch I added 2 more lines of service for my daughters.  In short, my 117.00 bill for one user (unlimited, unlimited)at Sprint, has now with Ting been as high as 107.00 and as low as 83.00 for the past 12 months with the addition of 2 more, super-sized kid type users.

For business use:

The Ting user panel is quite convenient for business owners.  If you supply your employees with phones you can decide if they get to use text or data.  You can also disable a phone with the flick of a switch, prevent them from making calls but still receive them and you can prevent them from tethering if you wish.  Now that I think about it the tethering option was a big driver that made me switch.  Sprint wanted to charge me an extra 120.00 per year for the option.  With Ting I had it included 🙂  I you’re not aware of tethering, some companies call it a hot spot where you allow are able to access the internet on a different device (laptop) through your phones connection to the internet.

Future plans for Integration

Not really the future as I am already using it.  The smart phone is a wondrous thing and there are literally thousands of business apps out there (yes not all things created for the smartphone are games).  The one app I love is created by a little know company named CounterPath.  They are little known to the everyday user, but probably one the most important players in the Digital Telephone (more specifically VoIP) field because their technology is what empowers other businesses and their products and services.  Anyway, they have this “soft phone” app that when installed on your smart phone can connect users of my hosted phone service to their companies phone system thus enabling them to receive calls on their company line, initiate and receive transfers, pick up voice mail, call with their cell and conceal their cell phone number.  The possibilities are virtually unlimited, if you’re reading this blog and interested in Voice over IP (VoIP) services, or Ting services contact me here or call 2072193565 for more information.


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