SIP Telephone

SIP Telephone

Saving money and enhancing service are generally thought of as mutually exclusive outcomes.

With SMCS’s SIP telephone platform your business can realize both. While traditional telephone, cable and wireless carriers are stuck with the same old “dial tone” offering only, SMCS digital phone gives you so much more and often at a considerable savings.

End-to-End Reliability

Re-route calls even without power. If disaster strikes and you can’t take calls at your premises, our network can save messages and route calls to alternative locations, including employee homes and mobile phones

Standard Offering VoIP Service:

Personalized with voicemail, Group Ring, transfer with unique ring tones, hold, park, extension monitoring, music on hold, voicemail to email.

The system also has advanced features such as an auto attendant, dial by name directory, night ring and more!

Cell Phone Integration:

With our cell phone app you can make your cell phone your desk phone and receive calls from your main number, transferred calls from associates in the office or transfer calls to the office. Additionally, when you integrate your cell phone you only need to have a single number for customers to reach you making you easier to contact (or harder if that’s your choice).

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