Speech Pathology Associates

Speech Pathology Associates

Mary Schiavoni, a licensed speech Language Pathologist, is the author of “The Jaw Rehabilitation Program”, a sequenced progression of treatment exercises to initiate and strengthen mandibular function needed for successful mastication skill. Her growing business includes the production of non-BPA products called “Chewy Tubes” and “Baby Q” which is distributed world-wide in 25 countries.
When the rapid growth of business made it necessary for SPA to open a distribution facility the next town over, SPA turned to Southern Maine Computer Services to update their networking and connect their offices via with a hosted phone service.


SMCC ‘s hosted telephone solution enabled SPA to contact their distribution facility via extension dialing without needing to add additional expensive phone lines. Furthermore, both owners can maintain offices at home as well as in the new distribution facility. When customers call, it doesn’t matter which office they are working from, as their extensions are mirrored between facilities. When on the road, voicemails are delivered to Mary’s email which she retrieves on her tablet or smart phone. Additionally, with SMCS’s virtual fax service, all faxes are delivery via email, which can be retrieved regardless of what location they are working at.


Prior to employing SMCS’s solution, SPA’s monthly telephony expenditure exceeded 200.00/ month. SMCC’s hosted telephony solution reduced that expenditure to below 100/month with an expected ROI for equipment purchases in deploying the solution of approximately 12 months.

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